Your App Hero offers software development related services to its customers. Services initiated with Your App Hero follow the contract as signed by the customers during the start of the project.

A dispute related to purchase of services may be resolved by the issuance of a Refund. Requests for a Refund must be made in writing to and received within 5 business days of closing of a project. Where a Refund is issued, purchasers will have to affirm in writing that they have destroyed all source code, documentation and other intellectual property created and submitted during the course of the project by Your App Hero and they have not saved the source code, documentation and other intellectual property in any file format or in any electronic or print media. This is subject to all vendor copyright laws.

Any abuses of this policy as determined at the sole discretion of Your App Hero Limited may lead to a denial of a Refund.

Your App Hero (Supplier) will not reduce the amount of a Refund by the assessment of a “work done fee” or any other charge (including consulting done) for any Return or for any Refund that is initiated by 2CO or itself.REVERSAL OF CUSTOMER TRANSACTIONS:


A “Cancellation” occurs when Customer, Supplier or 2CO voids an order for a withdrawal of funds from a Customer’s Card account or bank account before a sale is sent for deposit. 2CO will not collect a deposit from the Customer and the previously authorized funds will be released at the Card issuing bank’s discretion. 2CO will not assess nor collect a Transaction Fee from Supplier. After a sale is sent for deposit, any attempt to reimburse the cost of a Product to a Customer constitutes a Refund and shall be dealt with as set forth below.


A return occurs when a Customer returns Products previously purchased from 2CO (“Return”). Supplier shall accept Returns of products and agree to provide Refunds through 2CO for Customers who initiate a Return or a Bank Assisted Dispute, as defined below, that 2CO has approved, either with 2CO, the entity whose brand appears on the Card (“Card Association”), the Card issuing bank, or the depository bank (in the case of electronic check payment).


A refund is the actual reimbursement of the cost of a Product to a Customer regardless of the basis for the reimbursement (“Refund”). 2CO accomplishes the Refund by reversing the amount previously charged to the Customer’s Card or account at the Card issuing bank and the appropriate amount is credited to the appropriate Card or account at the Card issuing bank of Customer. 2CO may issue a Refund without the prior knowledge or consent of Supplier in any case 2CO deems it appropriate. 2CO will promptly notify Supplier of any Refund and provide Supplier with information regarding the basis for 2CO’s determination to issue the Refund.

Supplier’s Account will be debited by 2CO in an appropriate amount for all Refunds, regardless of the basis for the Refund.

In the event of a Return or Refund, Supplier agrees to indemnify and hold 2CO harmless from liability and, further, Supplier agrees to immediately pay 2CO an amount equal to all funds 2CO has paid to Customer on behalf of Supplier.

Bank Assisted Disputes:

2CO, as a merchant for various card associations, is subject to obligations which entitle the Card issuing bank to assess a charge or fee for handling bank assisted Refund activity. 2CO may, in turn, assess a fee to Supplier to cover 2CO’s additional expenses which result from bank assisted Refund activity. Such charges are called Dispute Charges and can be found under the Dispute Charges category of Schedule A. A Bank Assisted Dispute occurs when the Customer or the Card issuing bank disputes the validity of a purchase of Products from 2CO as the card association merchant, or the Card issuing bank initiates a reversal of the purchase, providing the Customer with a credit for the full amount of the Product purchased from 2CO (“Bank Assisted Dispute”).

In the event multiple Products are purchased as part of a single transaction, the Customer or the Card issuing bank may initiate a Bank Assisted Dispute for less than all of the Products purchased and the credit granted to the Customer will only be in the amount of the Products for which the Bank Assisted Dispute was initiated.