Our client, a social networking startup, approached us to build a an innovative social media network website and app.

The main purpose of the social networking website and app was to allow Student Prospects, Employers, Employee Prospects, Universities, Organizations, and Sport athletes to increase their chances of achieving their goals by using video references as a social media tool.

Your App Hero provided end to end services, including consulting, design and application development services to the social networking startup company.

Users can create their personalized profile page, that includes their videos to assist potential employers, universities, an organizations to gain a better understanding of their skill set, credentials, and past achievements.

Some of the features of the website and mobile app include Messaging feature, Inbox, Newsfeed, My Connections, Media, Card, Search, etc.

One of the innovative and unique features of the application is for users to grow their social network and send their Card to anyone via email or through other means, with option to have a Connect Request, Video Reference Request or a Blog Request.