10 Tips that Can Help You Avoid Creating Lousy iPhone Apps


Before you hire iPhone application developer to build your mobile app, consider the following pitfalls that make for a lousy app.

10. Getting Stuck on a Tech Before You Talk to the iPhone App Developer

This happens when people get attached to a technology type used to develop apps — native, hybrid or cross-platform — and aren’t open minded to the idea that there might be better solutions. Talk to your mobile app developer about this, as they may be able to make an app better with a different technology than what you had in mind.
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What Is the Average Cost of Having an App Developed?


If you’re looking to have an app developed, one of the first things that you’re going to have to consider is your budget. When you hire an app developer, you might hire them on an hourly basis or fixed price quote, and that could make a difference. Depending upon the complexity of what you want developed, either could be advantageous to you.
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The 3 Best and Most Useful iPhone Apps of 2014


Before you start filling your iPhone up with substandard apps, here are some of the best apps that came out in 2014. These all serve some useful purpose and, before you hire iPhone app developer to work on your own app, be sure you see what makes these apps really work!

1. Circa News

If you’re bored in a waiting room, at the airport or anywhere else, Circa News is a great app to have along with you. This app takes the headlines of the moment and condenses them so you can browse through and see what you’re interested in. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and it updates in real time, so you’re always on top of the latest events.
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