Why Mobile Apps Will Help Your Business Grow

Time for Apps Clock Need to Program Mobile Applications

Location-based marketing, push notifications, strong and memorable branding; these are just some of the things that mobile apps can do to help businesses grow. Mobile apps can both play to existing consumer trends and, if they’re particularly successful, have the potential to change the way that people use mobile devices.

Here are some of the ways that hiring an app developer can help you to grow your business in new and more successful directions.

1. They Can Tie Marketing to Location

The GPS in smartphones is a powerful thing, and not just for navigation. Companies that hire app developers that understand how to maximize the potential of GPS technology can take advantage of the following really quite powerful potentials:

  • Push notifications when a customer is close to a retail outlet
  • Push notifications that alert customers to sales and promotions in their geographic area
  • Rewards programs based on checking in at a location using the phone’s GPS

There are plenty of other creative ways that a good developer can exploit this technology to its fullest.

2. They Can Bring Together App Features, Products and Services

When businesses hire app developer with a creative outlook toward app development, it’s amazing how they can tie in an app with a service. Here are just a few examples of how this can be done to make an app more engaging and, thus, to increase its branding potential significantly:

  • A banking app might allow the use of a mobile device for depositing checks
  • A ski store might offer an app that delivers snow conditions on nearby mountains
  • A surf shop could offer an app that gives updates on surf conditions
  • A travel app might include a currency converter to help calculate prices

The idea here is to tie the features on the app into the products or services offered by the business behind the app, but in some clever and useful way. This can be exceptionally effective as a way to brand a business as helpful and engaged with its customers.

3. Online and Offline Potential

The Internet might be a global medium, but it’s becoming increasingly localized. Businesses that hire an app developer to build apps that use Internet technology to get local customers have a real advantage in merging the reach of the Internet with the appeal of a local business. A time-limited offer, for instance, might be promoted to people within a given range of zip codes, but the Internet’s reach ensures that all of them using the app get the notification.

Getting a great app built can help any business, brick and mortar, online or a combination of both, to grow in new and exciting ways.

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