What You Need to Ask Your iPhone App Developer


If you’re going to hire an iPhone app developer you need to not only ask the right questions, but you also have to ask them in the right way. This might be a bit more challenging than you think. Developers sometimes assume that their clients know more than they actually do and, when giving perfectly honest answers to their inquiries, leave out information they believe the customer is already aware of. Here are some of the most important questions you should ask.

Will My App Require Additional Infrastructure?

Consider the following scenario. You want to hire iPhone application developer to build an app that has great database functions built into it. They do a great job for you; the app is ready to go but you only find out at the end that actually making it into something functional that works with your infrastructure hasn’t been addressed. For example, you might need a database server for the app to talk to but don’t have one.

Here’s an example of how to ask these types of questions in an incomplete way, versus the right way:

  • Incomplete question: “I want an eCommerce app. Can you build it?”
  • Better question: “I have an eCommerce store that runs on the Brand X eCommerce platform, can you build something that works with that?”

A complete question can make everything go much more smoothly and is likely to get you the results you want without any delays or miscommunication related issues.

How Long Will This Take?

Make sure you get a time estimate to completion when you hire an iPhone app developer. You’ll also want to ask them when they can start on your project. If they’re a good designer with a lot of clients, there are likely to be people ahead of you, so you’ll want to know when the project will actually commence.

Remember to ask about milestones. These are significant points in the development process that the developer will endeavor to reach by a certain date, giving you an objective way to measure their progress toward the overall goal.

What about APIs?

If you want to be able to expand upon the capabilities of your app, you’ll want to get APIs developed, and it’s best to have this done as part of the initial project, not as an afterthought. Be sure you ask about this before you actually commit to hiring the mobile app developer and, if it’s not included in the project, ask them about it before they finalize their estimate.

Will You Offer Support?

Ask the developer if they’ll support their project after it’s completed. Good developers usually not only offer some sort of support option, but are also very friendly toward the idea of further developing the app after it is deployed. It allows them to foster a long-term customer relationship and, of course, a very well-developed, well-tested and successful app is always a good portfolio piece for them, in addition to the asset it provides to your business.

Good app developers will want you to ask questions rather than rushing you into signing a contract and starting development.

If you already have an app idea, contact a professional app development firm today and get started on your business or custom app!

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