The Challenges that iPhone App Developers Face Creating Your App


Developing an app for iPhone presents some great opportunities for businesses, but also involves some significant challenges.

As you start developing your idea for an app, consider what iPhone app developers have to take on when they start a project. It will help you get the results you want if you do.

People Use Mobile Apps Differently

Consider a web app that seems like it would port directly from a desktop environment to a mobile app environment: a real estate browsing app that allows people to check the MLS listings for a given city.

On a desktop, the most important feature might be the ability to browse listings by a variety of criteria, including: price, style, days on market, etc. Now consider that app on an iPhone platform.

All of those sorting options are going to make for a crowded interface on a very small screen compared to a desktop computer. Some of the fields—days on market, for instance—that may be vital to a homebuyer making a detailed selection of possible properties, may not be really useful on a mobile device. On a mobile device, however, a user may benefit from having an interface that allows them to find listings nearby their current location using the phone’s GPS.

Different platforms offer different possibilities, and people use those platforms in different ways because of that. Consider this when you’re asking your developer to build an app for you, and you’ll certainly get more out of it, as will the users of that app.

Using the Right Tech

There are three development technologies that are used to develop apps: web, native and hybrid. Skilled iPhone app developers will be able to use all three, but they’ll have to work with you to decide how and when to implement any of them. Take your developer’s advice in this regard. It’s easy to be sold on any one of them without really understanding the advantages and disadvantages involved, but your developer will steer you in the right direction.

Knowing Your Existing Tech

While iPhone app developers can create apps that interface with many different software solutions used in business, doing so can vastly impact the app development cost and the timeframe for deployment. If you want a simple web app, for instance, it might not take more than a few months to get it built and deployed. If you want an enterprise-level app that interfaces with your CRM software, that’s another matter entirely.

Make sure you give the developer as much information as possible about what you want the app to do when you start the consultation process. This really helps them assess the situation and gives you a better idea of costs and timeframes.

Really accomplished iPhone app developers take these challenges as opportunities and, given the chance to build something truly innovative, they’ll take it and likely exceed your expectations. It’s imperative that you do understand what sorts of challenges you and the developer will have to overcome to get the results that you want.

If you have a great idea for an app, hire iPhone app developer today and they can help you get past any hurdles, large or small!

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