What Is the Average Cost of Having an App Developed?


If you’re looking to have an app developed, one of the first things that you’re going to have to consider is your budget. When you hire an app developer, you might hire them on an hourly basis or fixed price quote, and that could make a difference. Depending upon the complexity of what you want developed, either could be advantageous to you.

Here are some ways you can estimate the cost. However, the easiest way to get an estimated cost is to contact app developers, give them an idea of what you’re looking for, and see what kind of numbers they give you.

The Complexity of the App

This has the greatest influence on the price of development. If your app is very simple, obviously, it’s going to take the developer less time to build and the cost will be lower. If you hire mobile app developer to create something truly involved, the cost is going to go up.

Some of the things that will drive the cost up include:

  • Location-based features
  • Database-based features
  • Bluetooth-based features
  • Adding eCommerce features, such as in-app purchasing

These types of features will all add to the time involved in creating the app, which will drive the cost up. Whether or not you’re paying hourly, this could bring up the cost of the app from anywhere between a few hundred to thousands of dollars.

Hiring a Real App Developer

When you start looking around for ways to take your app from idea to reality, you’ll immediately encounter various sites and services that offer development at a discount. Going with these services will generally get you exactly what you pay for. In other words: not much.

A professional mobile app developer offers a lot of advantages over hiring a developer with little in the way of expertise, or using a do-it-yourself site. Professionals do far more than just design your app, program it, and skin it. They debug the code, check the functionalities, make sure that the user interface makes sense, and so forth. They don’t send you out the door with a product that is half-tested and poorly programmed, which means that it will generally cost more to hire the real pros, but the value that you get is vastly increased versus going discount for these services.

From the Idea to the Launch

After a couple of months or so, your app should be ready to hit the market. If it’s is a simple promotional tool with some basic functions, expect to pay as much as $2,000 and up for it. If you’re looking for something that’s very complex, however, such as an enterprise level product with multiple functions, high security and so forth, the cost will generally be in the $15,000 and up range.

Apps, compared to other types of software development, are generally very affordable. The key element in successful development, however, is hiring a mobile app developer that’s qualified to take your design from a concept to a reality, and to deliver results on time.

Talk to an Android or iPhone app developer today about your ideas and your budget as the first steps in getting your project completed. Contact Your App Hero to get a custom quote for your app development project.

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