4 Features of Really Great Mobile Apps


Before you hire an app development company to build your iPhone or Android app, consider the following characteristics of great apps. They can make your end results a lot more appealing and a lot more successful on the iTunes and Google Play Store.

1. Great Apps Use Mobile Correctly

Before you start thinking about stuffing your app full of features, think about how your users will utilize those features. Scale them down until you have a clear purpose and it can be realistically developed at the budget you’ve set. This helps to reduce bloat, which is a serious issue for some users and one that makes them hesitant to download apps.

2. Great Apps Don’t Make Specious Functionality Claims

There used to be an iPhone app that was supposed to tell you why your baby was crying. Clearly, some people will download something like this with huge expectations and other people are smart. Don’t claim your app does something that it doesn’t do. Apps that deliver on their promises can garner very loyal followings. Those that just seem silly are generally regarded as such and can tarnish a company’s image.

3. Great Apps Do Something New

How many flashlight apps are out there? When it comes down to it, how many people with an iPhone would bother using them versus the number that would just switch their screen on and use the LED light? Great apps always offer some clever use of the iPhone’s features, and ones that no one needs are likely to be ignored.

4. Great iPhone Apps Don’t Require Jailbreaking

Hire app developer that works within the legitimate Apple ecosystem. Jailbreaking involves taking an iOS device and modifying it so it can operate outside of the software offerings that Apple endorses for its devices. This is one of the selling points of iOS devices and offers a lot of security, so don’t ask users to defeat it to install your app. It’s complicated and most users won’t bother to do it.

The biggest factor in whether your Android or iPhone app is likely to succeed or fail is really whether or not there’s been some thought put into why it exists and who would use it. If it really offers something, people are likely to take notice. If it’s just bloat, no one’s likely to install it, no matter how hard you market it. Your iPhone app developer for hire can help you come up with viable ideas.

If you have a great idea or need a custom app developed, get in touch with Your App Hero and they can help you create something that really stands out from the crowd.

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